Coleman Tech Charter High School

Charter High School

Charter Strategy's Founder, Dr. Nicole Wahab was President and CEO of Coleman Tech Charter High School which she wrote the charter for and co-founded in 2009 which included securing 5 million dollars in startup funding and a 10,000 square foot building from a single investor. The High School was built on her competitive drive and the sports psychology of Peak Performance to prove academic and personal growth for students. During her time at Coleman she led the corporation from zero revenue to 2.5 million over a period of less than 5 years.      

O'Farrell Charter School

O'Farrell Charter School

Charter Strategy was hired to help Superintendent Dr. Jon Dean receive WASC accreditation for grades K - 7. Since initial accreditation, Dr. Dean has built a comprehensive school K-12 and an independent study high school.

Elevate Charter School

Elementary Charter School

Elevate had a goal of not delaying their opening which was fraught with challenges. Charter Strategy worked to solve this problem and ensured an on-time opening. Additionally we were hired to aid in creating Board Policy and Compliance.

El Puente High School

El Puente High School hired Charter Strategy to help them revamp their teen mom program by aiding an independent study program offering. This offering afforded teen moms the opportunity to graduate from High School with a diploma.

Charter Leaders Collaborative

Co-founder and Board Member of the Charter Leaders Collaborative, a safe place where new and veteran Charter leaders can receive mentor-ship and support through the the roller coaster ride of school reform.